A $1.5 billion Clean Energy Precinct incorporating gas, wind, solar and geothermal power is planned to be developed in South Australia by Petratherm Limited. The project plans to deliver 600 megawatts of electricity by 2016.

The project is to be located in northern South Australia, 50 kilometres from Petratherm’s Paralana geothermal project and on the Moomba to Adelaide gas pipeline.

The first 300 megawatts will come from a combination of gas and wind power, while the second 300 megawatts will include geothermal and solar as these technologies become more cost-competitive.

The project is separate from the company’s nearby Paralana geothermal project which Petratherm believes has the potential to produce 1,300 megawatts of continuous geothermal power for 30 years. However, having the two projects near each other will help enable large-scale geothermal power to get to market.

Petratherm’s Managing Director, Terry Kallis, said that investor interest has been received from several large renewable and energy companies with potential technology and joint venture partnerships to be considered in coming months.