Alcatel-Lucent and the Telecommunications Journal of Australia are sponsoring a contest which looks for broadband solutions that have potential to deliver significant environmental benefits.

Entrants can submit papers including solutions that can either currently be implemented with broadband or that could one day yield environmental benefits through broadband.

“We’re looking for interesting papers that help quantify and identify serious ways of leveraging broadband to improve the environment,” said Alcatel-Lucent managing director Hilary Mine. "We’re firm believers that broadband can contribute positively to global sustainability."

"For example, something like high definition video conferencing, that can help drive a higher culture of video conferencing in business, and you quantify savings on carbon and airfare,” said Mine.

First prize for the best environmentally sustainable solution is $10,000, and the challenge is open to submissions from around the globe. Entrants into the contest have until 6 October to submit their papers.