As part of its "Nation Building" programme, the Australian Government has promised to provide free ceiling insulation and  installation, worth up to $1,600, for all homes which are not currently insulated. The Government estimates that there are 2.2 million such homes and that home owners will save an average of $200 a year by having ceiling insulation.

For rented premises, the Government will double the rebate under the Low Emission Plan for Renters to give landlords $1,000 for installing insulation. The Government estimates that 500,000 properties will be affected.

The Government expects that its $3.9 billion investment in the programme will provide jobs for tradespeople and semi-skilled workers in the manufacturing, distribution and installation of ceiling insulation during the global recession and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 49.4 million tonnes – the equivalent of taking more than 1 million cars off the road.

The Government also increased the solar hot-water rebate from $1000 to $1600, effective until June 30, 2012.