John Brumby
John Brumby

Victorian Premier, John Brumby, has announced a plan to source 5% of Victoria’s electricity from large-scale solar plants by 2020. This would require the generation of approximately 2,500 gigawatt-hours of solar electricity annually.

Mr Brumby also announced an interim target of generating approximately 500 gigawatt-hours annually by 2014.

Achieving this is expected to require the construction of between 5 and 10 new plants to be built in the state’s north and west.

The solar electricity plants include an existing proposal to build a station outside Mildura by 2015. This 154 megawatt proposal was resurrected by Sydney company Silex after original backers Solar Systems went into administration.

Mr Brumby said the plan would make the state the nation’s leader in renewable energy.  ”We will be producing in Victoria as much solar as will the rest of Australia under the (Federal Government’s) Solar Flagships program,” he said.

The government estimates that the plan would increase household electricity bills by between $5 and $15 a year from 2014, and inject up to $2 billion into the state economy.