The Australian Capital Territory has announced the second stage of its electricity feed-in tariff scheme. The expanded scheme is expected to boost the construction of large scale solar farm projects in the ACT and allow for increased community investment in renewable energy.

The first stage of the ACT scheme began in March 2009. It pays 50,05 cents per kilowatt-hour (gross) generated by systems up to 10 kilowatts and 40.04 cents per kilowatt-hour (gross) generated by systems up between 10 and 30 kilowatts

The second stage of the feed-in tariff scheme plan will see:

  • An overall scheme cap of 240 MW of generating capacity;
  • Large scale generation category for generators larger than 200 KW (category cap of 210 MW);
  • Medium scale generation category for generators between 30KW and 200kw (category cap of 15 MW); and,
  • Existing micro generation category (household rooftop) up to 30KW (category cap of 15 MW).

ACT Environment Minister Simon Corbell said that "The expansion of the scheme will occur in two steps, with medium scale generation suitable for larger areas such as shopping centres, warehouses and large office buildings … The second step will involve the introduction of separate legislation for large scale generation with provision of premium payments to be allocated through an auction process."