Penny Wong, Australia’s Climate Change and Water Minister, has announced that 6.3 billion litres of stormwater, which currently run into into the South Australia’s Gulf of St. Vincent, will be harvested annually for use in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

The project will demonstrate the value of water re-use and stormwater recycling through the construction of manmade wetlands. The wetlands will act as filters for urban and polluted stormwater that would otherwise run into the Gulf St Vincent. Stormwater will be diverted to wetlands that will be developed at the Grange, Royal Adelaide and Glenelg golf clubs. This pre-treated water from the wetlands will then be pumped, through bores, back into the underground water supplies beneath Adelaide for use as needed.

5 billion litres of the water will be used for civic irrigation for which drinking water would otherwise have been used. The raemainder will be used to replenish the aquifers below the Northern Adelaide Plains.