A Brisbane company, Nova Deko, is aiming for a global market for its modular housing which it ultimately intends to be affordable and sustainable with no requirement for utility services such as power, water and sewerage.

Nova Deko modular house

The company currently manufactures housing modules with the same dimensions as shipping containers. This allows them to be transported using the existing transportation infrastructure.

However, the materials and construction techniques used for shipping containers are unsuitable for housing. Shipping containers are designed to be stacked full of heavy goods and to be repeatedly shipped around the world. Because of this, they have structural corrugated walls, which are hard to insulate, and are painted with toxic paints.

Nova Deko’s modules are made from materials appropriate for housing; they need much less steel and are properly insulated.

The modules are manufactured in Foshan, China, to Australian Design Standards and under the supervision of experienced Australian tradesmen. They are then shipped to major Australian and New Zealand ports and trucked to the building site.

Nova Deko is working with the University of New South Wales School of Photovoltaics and the Faculty of Built Environment to develop an affordable, completely sustainable home, with no requirement to be connected to utility services such as power, water and sewerage.

Lloyd Adler, architect and Managing editor of Treehugger commented “Globalism hasn’t had much effect on the housing industry yet, but looking at these houses built by Nova Deko and looking back at what globalism, Walmart and IKEA have done to everything else, I think that the building industry should be afraid, very afraid.”