Yealands Family Wines has been named the overall World Champion at the Green Apple Environment Awards.  Yealands Family Wines competed against more than 500 global nominations from a range of industries.

The Yaelands vineyard in Blenheim has a 99 kilowatt solar rooftop – the largest in New Zealand. The vineyard also uses wind power and biomass from vineyard pruning  for energy generation, bio-diesel derived from recycled cooking fat to run vineyard machinery and generates hydrogen to partially power its tractors.

Meanwhile, Australia’s Gold Banksia Sustainability Award has been won by the ACT solar auction for attracting “attention nationally and internationally as a way of stimulating investment in large-scale renewable energy efficiently and at the lowest possible cost”.

And the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat has named Sydney’s One Central Park as this year’s “Best Tall Building Worldwide”.

The building’s design is distinguished by its use of hydroponics and heliostats.  The greenery on the building’s facade shades the exterior and saves energy required for interior cooling. A large cantilever extends from the upper floors of the building and supports an assembly of motorized mirrors that capture and direct sunlight to specific locations. This heliostat can be controlled to direct sunlight into the building itself, when heating is needed, or away from it and down onto the adjoining park when it is no.

One Central Park
One Central Park