A Sydney-based start-up, 5B, has unveiled a pre-fabricated solar technology, called “Maverick”, with which, for example, a team of six can deploy 1 MW solar array in just five days.

The solar array is build in the company’s factory and shipped to a project site ready made.

If no longer needed. it can be packed up and moved – making it ideal for applications such as mines which might need solar power for a 5 to 10-year project.

The solar modules for the array are imported but the rest of the components are Australian-made. The aluminium extrusions are fabricated on the Central Coast using aluminium from the Tomago smelter and pre-cast concrete elements come from Port Kembla. All the cables and tethers are manufactured by 5B.

The company has received a $250,000 grant from the Commonwealth Government to accelerate commercialisation.

Maverick Solar Array