A team of students from the thu University of Queensland is among the five finalists in a contest being run by Airbus for creative ideas that can shape the future of aviation and deliver a further reduction in the industry’s impact on the environment.

225 teams of students from universities in 82 countries entered the contest for a first prize of 30,000 euros ($au54,000) and a second prize of 15,000 euros ($au27,000).

The five finalists are:

  • "COz" from the University of Queensland, Australia for its proposal on the use of bio composite cabin materials made from castor plant natural fibres.
  • The "Big Bang Team" from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in Spain for its windowless cabin proposal for a new eco-efficient aircraft design.
  • "Kometa Brno" from Brno University of Technology in the Czech Republic whose team developed a project on aircraft taxiway movements using electro-motors.
  • "Solaire Voyager" from the National University of Singapore, for its solar cell technology project integrating photovoltaic cells aboard aircraft to generate electricity.
  • "Stanford ADG" from Stanford University in the USA for their proposal on inverted V formation flight, building on the model of migrating birds to reduce energy consumption.

The teams will present their projects to the jury in Paris on June 18. The first and second place teams will be announced on June 19, at the Le Bourget Airshow.