The Australian Government’s renewable energy bill has been passed the House of Representatives. The bill provides for 20 per cent of Australia’s energy needs to come from renewable sources such as solar and wind farms within a decade.

The Opposition supported the bill through the lower house after the Government agreed to split the renewable energy provisions and the cabon pollution reduction sections of the bill which was rejected by the Parliament three weeks ago and to  treat the gas created from coal-mining as a renewable energy source.

The bill is intended to help spur $28 billion of investment and the creation of 28,000 jobs in industries such as wind and solar power

Another round of negotiations will take place before the bill will is presented to the Senate, probably on Thursday (August 20).

Update (August 20)

The Senate has passed the Federal Government’s renewable energy target legislation.

The Nationals were unsuccessful in their bid to get compensation for food-processing industries and the Greens’ effort to have the target raised to 30 per cent also failed.