The Australian company, Wasabi Energy, has announced that it will co-develop and supply geothermal technology for a 4.5 megawatt geothermal project near Taufkirchen in southern Germany. Wasabi will develop the project in a consortium with the Swiss utility Axpo and Geysir Europe, a German geothermal group.

Wasabi Energy owns the worldwide intellectual property rights to the Kalina cycle technology.The Kalina cycle is a thermodynamic process for converting thermal energy into mechanical power using a solution of two fluids with different boiling points.  Since the solution boils over a range of temperatures, more energy can be extracted than with a single fluid. The same applies when the vapour is condensed.

The Kalina cycle has been shown to increase thermal power output efficiencies by up to 50% in suitable installations. Potential applications include steel making, oil refining and cement production. It is particularly useful in geothermal power production.

Wasabi Energy operates a geothermal power plant in Iceland and has licenced its technology to Siemens AG in Germany, Sumitomo Metal Industries in Japan and Shanghai Shenge New Energy Resources Science and Technology in China. The Chinese deal is expected to lead to multiple applications utilising industrial waste heat to generate electricity.