During an announcement of plans to reinforce infrastructure around its Hay Point coal terminal in Queensland, Marcus Randolph, the head of BHP Billiton's coal operations, explained that the company would "rebuild the facility to be more durable to climate change". He said that “As we see more cyclone-related events . . . the vulnerability of one of these facilities to a cyclone is quite high”.

In a previous presentation on the company's sustainability strategy, Mr Randolph said that "In a carbon constrained world where energy coal is the biggest contributor to a carbon problem, how do you think this is going to evolve over a 30- to 40-year time horizon? You'd have to look at that and say on balance, I suspect, the usage of thermal coal is going to decline. And frankly it should."

BHP Billiton has set a target for its internal emissions to remain below 2006 levels. On the possible elimination of the carbon tax, Mr Randolph commented that :"There is not a qualifier saying it is okay to emit more greenhouse gases if the carbon tax is eliminated. An absolute ceiling is an absolute ceiling. Even if there isn’t a carbon tax, it still needs to be an issue we devote a lot of attention to.”

As Carl Pope, former Chairmen of the Sierra Club wrote "This is a coal company. It is an Australian coal company — not some wimpy European softie. And it no longer thinks it can hide from the reality that the world faces an existential crisis — get off fossil fuels or pay the price".