Origin Energy Ltd has unveiled plans to capture some of the carbon dioxide output from the Lang Lang BassGas plant in Victoria for commercial use in wine and soft drink carbonation.

The company plans to supply about 25 per cent of the carbon dioxide from the Lang Lang project to a $20 million plant built by Air Liquide which will purify and liquefy the gas.

Meanwhile, scientists have identified ten sites in five areas off the coast of the Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia which they say are stable enough to be used for carbon storage. Licences for the commercial development of these sites will be available later this year.

Federal Resources Minister, Martin Ferguson, said that "This is about Australian industry. Capturing our own CO2 emissions and potentially storing them, having a domestic impact to assist our industry in remaining competitive internationally. It is not about Australia becoming a carbon sink for other companies or countries’ activities, it is un-economic to even think about that."