Wave energy developer, Carnegie Wave Energy, has announced that it has made significant commercial and technical progress with its CETO 6 Project, to be located off Garden Island, Western Australia.

This follows closely on the official opening of the CETO 5 project which is now exporting electricity to the Western Australian power grid. The CETO 5 project is the first grid-connected CETO wave power plant and the only wave power plant anywhere in the world operating multiple wave units. 

The CETO 6 unit will have increased power output, targeting four times the power capacity of the 240 Kilowatt CETO 5 unit.

The CETO 6 project site will be off Five Fathom Bank, approximately 8 kilometres further offshore than the current Perth Project site. This will provide deeper water than the original Perth Project site and a wave resource which is expected to be some three times more energetic than the Perth Project site.