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Category: economy

Renewables Investment up 50% in 2016

Posted by Peter, on January 20, 2017

Australian clean energy investment was $4.29 billion in 2016 – an increase of almost 50% compared with 2015. However, the level of investment fell short of the over $5 billion levels reached between 2010 and 2013.  Continue reading »

CEFC and ARENA to Be Retained

Posted by Peter, on March 23, 2016

The Commonwealth Government is to keep both of the renewable energy agencies that the former Abbott government attempted to dismantle.  Continue reading »

CSIRO Study Shows That Strong Environmental Policies Would Benefit the Economy

Posted by Peter, on November 8, 2015

Researchers at the CSIRO have published the results of a major study in the journal Nature which combines nine different economic and environmental models to examine twenty different possible in which Australia could develop 2050. Many of the 20 scenarios would produce substantial progress towards sustainable prosperity.  Continue reading »

S.A. Car Parts Maker to Supply Solar Products to India

Posted by Peter, on August 11, 2015

Heliostat South Australia has signed a memorandum of understanding with India’s Global Wind Power Limited to manufacture and develop solar products for use in the development of utility scale solar projects in India. Heliostat SA was formed by the car parts manufacturer Precision Components and employs former auto industry workers and uses machinery previously used […]  Continue reading »

Australian Institutions Financial Support for Fossil Fuel

Posted by Peter, on June 18, 2015

Government The Australian Government provides several subsidies aimed explicitly at promoting fossil-fuel exploration and production. In total, these subsidies are worth between $2.9 and $3.5 billion each year. According to a report by Oil Change International and the Overseas Development Institute, in 2013/13 and 2013/14, these Commonwealth Government subsidies were: Exploration development incentive: $23 to […]  Continue reading »

Aussie & Kiwi Green Sites Win Awards

Posted by Peter, on November 12, 2014

Yealands Family Wines has been named the overall World Champion at the Green Apple Environment Awards.  Yealands Family Wines competed against more than 500 global nominations from a range of industries. The Yaelands vineyard in Blenheim has a 99 kilowatt solar rooftop – the largest in New Zealand. The vineyard also uses wind power and […]  Continue reading »

Australia’s Denialist Policy Costing Investment

Posted by Peter, on November 10, 2014

A new report by the Climate Council shows that Australia has lost 70% of new investment in renewable energy as a result of the Abbott Government’s review of the the Renewable Energy Target and it’s stated desire to reduce the target from 41,000 gigawatt hours to about 26,000 gigawatt hours by 2020. Meanwhile, the Climate […]  Continue reading »

(Somewhat) Mixed Reaction to the Government’s RET Position

Posted by Peter, on October 22, 2014

Industry Minister, Ian Macfarlane, has announced the Government’s “starting position” in negotiations with the ALP on the Renewable Energy Target. In short, the Government’s wants to: cut the RET to a so-called “real” 20% – that is cutting the target from about 41,000 Gigawatt hours to about 27,000; exempt all emissions intensive industries (such as […]  Continue reading »

Clean Energy Corp Refuses to Stop Lending

Posted by Peter, on November 4, 2013

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), an investment fund set up under previous government to invest in renewable energy projects, has rejected a request from the Treasurer, Joe Hockey, to stop making new investments. The new Government’s policy includes dismantling the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. The necessary legislation to do this is expected to be […]  Continue reading »

BHP Scraps Plans for Coal Port

Posted by Peter, on November 4, 2013

BHP Billiton has scrapped plans to build a major new coal port near Bowen on the Queensland coast The company has announced that it will not go ahead with plans to develop terminal two at the Abbot Point port as well as an accompanying rail line that would have taken coal from mines to the […]  Continue reading »

Warning That Coal Could Soon Be Worthless

Posted by Peter, on July 5, 2013

The Citi banking group has issued a warning to investors that Australia's huge coal industry is a speculative bubble ripe for financial implosion if the world's governments fulfill their commitments to act on climate change. The banking giant warned that fossil fuel companies can do little to avoid future loss of shareholder value.as much of […]  Continue reading »

Funding for Remote Renewable Energy Projects

Posted by Peter, on June 7, 2013

Resources and Energy Minister, Gary Gray, has announced a programme expected to generate 150 megawatts of electricity from renewable energy sources in regional and remote locations within five years. The progamme will support the development of renewable energy solutions, including hybrid and integrated systems in off-grid and fringe-of-grid locations across Australia is expected to include […]  Continue reading »

Power Companies Oppose Liberal’s Carbon Policy

Posted by Peter, on April 25, 2013

According to the Financial Review, large power companies are demanding that the Federal Opposition rethink its plan to abolish carbon taxes and implement a “direct action’’ plan for reducing carbon emissions. The Energy Supply Association of Australia, which represents big power companies such as Origin, TRUenergy and International Power, says that the Coalition must review […]  Continue reading »

Queensland Cuts Clean Energy Programmes

Posted by Peter, on September 12, 2012

As expected, Queensland Premier, Campbell Newman’s, first State Budget has cut almost all of the State’s clean energy and climate change programmes. According to RenewEconomy, the list of progrmmes to be cut includes: the Queensland Climate Change Fund, the Queensland Renewable Energy Fund, the Queensland Smart Energy Savings Fund, the Solar Initiatives Package, the Waste […]  Continue reading »

Plans to Close Dirty Coal Power Stations Scrapped

Posted by Peter, on September 5, 2012

The Government plan to close down 2,000 megawatts of Australia's dirtiest power stations has been scrapped. In July 2011, the Government announced a plan to compensate power generation companies to close down some of their dirtiest coal-fired power stations. But Resources Minister, Martin Ferguson, now says the talks have failed to agree on the appropriate […]  Continue reading »

Victoria Cuts Feed-in Tariff; Extends Scope

Posted by Peter, on September 4, 2012

The Victorian government has announced that it is cutting the State’s solar feed-in tariff from 25 cents per kilowatt-hour to 8 cents per kilowatt-hour from the beginning of 2013. At the same time, the Government will broaden the feed-in tariff to include all low-emissions and renewable technologies of less than 100 kilowatts – including low […]  Continue reading »

$15 Carbon Floor Price To Be Scrapped

Posted by Peter, on August 28, 2012

Australia will scrap its planned floor price for carbon emissions and will link directly with the European Union’s emissions trading scheme by 2018. The $au15 floor price was due to underpin the scheme when it moved to a floating emissions trading scheme in July 2015. Under the new arrangement, business in Australia will be able […]  Continue reading »

BHP Head: No Profit in New Coal Mines

Posted by Peter, on August 24, 2012

BHP Billiton’s chief executive, Marius Kloppers, has told British journalists that “it is very difficult to visualise, given the current set of conditions and outlook, that any mining company can approve new capital in the coal business at this point and get a return”. He said that “a very substantial chunk of the energy coal […]  Continue reading »

Govt Body Says Renewables Cheaper by 2030

Posted by Peter, on July 31, 2012

The Australian Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics has released a new Australian Energy Technology Assessment  Report which dramatically revises down previous estimates of the price of renewable energy in the coming decades – but remains at odds with other countries which predict much lower prices still. In releasing the Report, the Bureau's Executive Director, […]  Continue reading »

How Australia Can Lead the World to Zero Carbon Prosperity

Posted by Peter, on July 23, 2012

Betond Zero Emissions has published a new report: "Laggard to Leader – How Australia Can Lead the World to Zero Carbon Prosperity". The report identifies six policy deficiencies which are preventing Australia from playing its part in reducing carbon emissions: Arbitrary, unambitious targets; Overreliance on offsets, overseas credits and "green carbon" (relying on forrests and […]  Continue reading »

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