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Category: Power & Light

Possible Closure of Hazlewood Power Station

Posted by Peter, on May 26, 2016

French energy giant, Engie, has flagged the potential closure of the Hazelwood brown coal generator in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley – widely believed to be the most polluting power plant in the OECD.  Continue reading »

Australia’s Electricity Sources

Posted by Peter, on March 25, 2013

Although growing, renewables still supply only a small part of Australia’s electricity. The rapid growth in wind and solar is being largely offset by a falling contribution from sugar cane bagasse and wood as fuel sources.  Continue reading »

Coal Falls to Lowest Ever Energy Market Share

Posted by Peter, on March 13, 2013

According to a report by the infrastructure consulting Pitt & Sherry, electricity supplied by coal-fired generators in the Australian National Electricity Market has fallen nearly 16% in just over two years, from the year ending December 2010 to the year ending February 2013, dropping below 75% for the first time in Australian history.. The fall […]  Continue reading »

Report: No Need for “Baseload” Investment

Posted by Peter, on August 9, 2012

The Australian National Energy Market has released a report indicating that there is no need for investment new "baseload" generation capacity for at least four years. This results from a fall in electricity use and slower forecast growth as well as increasing use of renewables. The report highlights publicly-announced proposals for over 13,000 megawatts of […]  Continue reading »

Solar to Replace Two Coal Power Stations

Posted by Peter, on July 20, 2012

The ABC has reported that the energy company, Alinta, has announced plans to convert two coal-fired power stations to solar thermal technology. Alinta had been planning to close the 240 megawatt Playford B coal-fired power station in Port Augusta later this month. The 520 megawatt Northern coal-fired power station, also in Port Augusta, had been […]  Continue reading »

Billions Being Wasted on Network? (And I Don’t Mean the NBN)

Posted by Peter, on June 29, 2012

The current upgrading of the national electricity grid is expected to cost $50 billion over 3 to 4 years – far more than the much-debated National Broadband Network, which is estimated at $36.5 billion. Yet there is very little discussion of the need for that expenditure. The reason for the upgrade is the forecast growth […]  Continue reading »

Government Considering Phase Down of Australia’s Dirtiest Power Station

Posted by Peter, on July 11, 2010

Thw Age has reported that the Victorian Government is considering closing two of the Hazelwood power station’s eight power units. The La Trobe Valley power plant produces almost a quarter of Victoria’s electricity from brown coal and is regarded as Australia’s dirtiest power plant – some environmental groups claim that it is the dirtiest power […]  Continue reading »

Victorian “Smart Grid” Rollout

Posted by Peter, on April 21, 2009

Victorian power utilities, United Energy Distribution and Jemena, have selected the American company Silver Spring Networks to roll out smart meters to over a million Victorian homes over the next four years. Victoria’s "smart grid" plan will give 2.5 million Victorians the ability to monitor their own energy use and allow utilities to read, connect […]  Continue reading »

Intelligent Grid Research Program Launched

Posted by Peter, on August 20, 2008

The CSIRO and five Australian Universities yesterday launched the Intelligent Grid Research Program to investigate "technologies and practices to make our electricity networks smart, greener and more efficient". The group’s 3-year research program aims to find ways to develop an electricity network that uses distributed energy resources and advanced communication and control technologies to deliver […]  Continue reading »

Lessons from London

Posted by Peter, on July 23, 2008

In Sydney last night, Allan Jones, Chief Development Officer of the London Climate Change Agency, described some of the initiatives which have made London a leader in reducing carbon emissions and dependence on coal and nuclear power stations. The key to the strategy is the use of cogeneration and trigeneration power plants. These are small […]  Continue reading »

South Australia Introduces Feed-in tariffs – NSW Procrastinates

Posted by Peter, on March 17, 2008

South Australia has passed landmark legislation to introduce feed-in tariffs for solar power while New South Wales has ignored advice from Zhengrong Shi, an Australian citizen who is China’s richest man, to do likewise. A feed-in tariff is a payment, usually above the normal retail rate, which is paid for electricity which is fed into […]  Continue reading »

Adelaide Airport Going Solar

Posted by Peter, on March 10, 2008

Work has begun on Australia’s second largest rooftop solar power system. By mid-year, the solar panels on  Terminal 1 at Adelaide Airport  should be capable of producing 114 kilowatts – sufficient to power about 30 households. This will not be sufficient to power the entire airport but it will reduce greenhouse gas emission by about […]  Continue reading »

Queensland Plan to Cut Costs of Solar Power

Posted by Peter, on March 6, 2008

The Queensland Government will bulk-buy solar power systems in order to resell them to householders at heavily discounted prices. Premier Anna Bligh announced today that the Government would purchase at least 1,000 solar power systems and sell them back to Queenslanders. Under the scheme, householders are expected to save up to $3,500. This should reduce […]  Continue reading »

Victoria to Get World’s Largest Solar Plant

Posted by Peter, on February 25, 2008

A project to build the what is claimed will be world’s largest solar power generating plant has been launched by the Australian Climate Change Minister, Penny Wong. The plant, expected to cost $420 million, will be built in the Swan Hill and Mildura region of northern Victoria. When complete, it will generate 154 megawatts – […]  Continue reading »

Aussie Invention Stores Energy in Graphite

Posted by Peter, on February 12, 2008

In what is believed to be a world first, purified graphite is being used for energy storage in systems being installed at Lake Cargellico in New South Wales and Cloncurry in Queensland. The Queensland installation will make Cloncurry, which has a population of about 2,400,  the first town in Australia to rely exclusively on solar […]  Continue reading »

Australian Solar Demonstration Facility

Posted by Peter, on January 31, 2008

At last nights meeting of the Australian & New Zealand Solar Energy Society NSW Branch, Simon Troman, gave some further insight into the Solar Energy Demonstration Facility being constructed near Alice Springs. The $3 million Facility will initially include fifteen different solar photovoltaic systems designed to showcase and compare different solar power technologies. Installations will […]  Continue reading »

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