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Category: Hydro

Pumped Hydro in Disused Opencut Mines

Posted by Peter, on June 16, 2015

Genex Power’s proposed Kidston Pumped Storage Project is to be located on the site of the historical Kidston Gold Mine near the township of Georgetown, about 270 kilometres north west of Townsville in Northern Queensland. The Kidston site has two large adjacent opencut pits which will act as the upper and lower reservoirs for a […]  Continue reading »

100% Renewable? Yes, We Can!

Posted by Peter, on April 21, 2012

Researchers at the University of New South Wales' Institute for Environmental Studies have published the results of a simulation showing how renewable energy could have met the actual electricity demand in Australia's National Electricity Market during 2010. The simulation found that existing "off-the-shelf" wind, photovoltaic, biofuelled gas turbines and hydroelectric sources, together with concentrated solar […]  Continue reading »

Renewable Energy Potential in New South Wales

Posted by Peter, on May 13, 2010

Delta Electricity and Macquarie Generation are planning to set up two 1,000 megawatt fossil fuel based power plants in New South Wales because they claim that the State does not have the adequate renewable energy potential. In fact, NASA estimates put solar readings in New South Wales at 6kw/m²/day which is equal to the solar […]  Continue reading »

NSW Approves Wind and Solar Farm

Posted by Peter, on February 10, 2010

The New South Wales Planning Minister, Tony Kelly, has approved a $190 million wind and solar farm near Scone in the Upper Hunter Valley. The Kyoto Energy Park will include 34 wind turbines, a mini hydro-electric generator using recycled water, up to 100 hectares of solar panels and a visitor education centre. It will provide […]  Continue reading »

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