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Category: Marine

Tidal Turbine Trials

Posted by Peter, on June 28, 2018

MAKO Tidal Turbines, which is based in Sydney, and the Gladstone Ports Corporation are conducting a six-month tidal turbine demonstration at Gladstone, to investigate how tidal power could contribute to Australia’s future energy mix.  Continue reading »

Aussie Wave Energy Technology to Be Tested in UK

Posted by Peter, on March 22, 2018

A Victorian company, AMOG, has won a European Union grant to test its “floating pendulum” wave power generation technology at The University of Exeter’s marine energy testing site at Falmouth in Cornwall.  Continue reading »

Australia’s Tidal Energy Resources to Be Mapped

Posted by Peter, on July 19, 2017

The Australian renewable Energy Agency is providing $2.49 million in funding towards a project to map and assess Australia’s tidal energy resources.  Continue reading »

Grants for Carnegie Wave Projects

Posted by Peter, on November 7, 2016

Carnegie Wave Energy has been granted $15.5 million from the European Regional Development Fund for the first phase of its planned 15MW commercial wave energy project in Cornwall and a total of $6.19 million, including debt funding, from ARENA for its Perth Wave Energy project.   Continue reading »

Wave Power Unit Deployed at Port Fairy

Posted by Peter, on December 16, 2015

BioPower Systems has deployed Victoria’s first wave power unit west of Port Fairy off the state’s south-west coast as part of a 12-month trial to test its commercial viability.  Continue reading »

World First Wave Power Microgrid for W.A.

Posted by Peter, on November 4, 2015

Wave energy developer Carnegie Wave Energy Limited is to collaborate with the Western Australian Government power utility Western Power to develop a world first wave-integrated microgrid.  Continue reading »

Bombora Launches Wave Energy Trial

Posted by Peter, on October 1, 2015

Australian wave energy company Bombora Wave Power has launched a mid-scale field trial of its Wave Energy Converter at Melville Waters in Perth.  Continue reading »

Wave Energy Trial for Bunbury

Posted by Peter, on September 15, 2015

Western Australia’s Stonehenge Metals is to trial using wave power to produce electricity at the port city of Bunbury. For the trial, thirty floating buoys will be tethered together and supported by weights that will be filled with water and dropped on the sea floor. The buoys will drift up and down with the current […]  Continue reading »

Carnegie Wave Wins UK Grant

Posted by Peter, on August 5, 2015

Australian’s Carnegie Wave Energy has won a £2 million grant ($4.3 million) from the Scottish government to develop a “WavePOD” wave energy power conversion system to accompany the company’s first CETO project in the UK. The project will deliver a prototype hydraulic power take off system that will convert the hydraulic and mechanical energy from […]  Continue reading »

BioWave Pilot Construction Completed

Posted by Peter, on June 30, 2015

BioPower Systems has completed construction and onshore testing of a 250 kW bioWAVE pilot demonstration unit, to be installed off the coast of Port Fairy, Victoria, late in 2015. The 26-metre bioWAVE unit is designed to sway back and forth below the surface of the ocean. The oscillating motion activates hydraulic cylinders to spin a […]  Continue reading »

Carnegie Wave Commences Next Stage

Posted by Peter, on February 20, 2015

Wave energy developer, Carnegie Wave Energy, has announced that it has made significant commercial and technical progress with its CETO 6 Project, to be located off Garden Island, Western Australia. This follows closely on the official opening of the CETO 5 project which is now exporting electricity to the Western Australian power grid. The CETO […]  Continue reading »

BioPower Completes Wave Plant Design

Posted by Peter, on September 25, 2014

BioPower Systems has announced the completion of the final engineering and design for its 250 kilowatt grid-connected wave energy project. In 2012, BioPower Systems received $5.6 million from the Australian Government grant, together with a $5 million grant from the Victorian Government, to install the 250 kilowatt full-scale pilot of its bioWAVE technology off the […]  Continue reading »

Victoria to Get World’s Largest Wave Power Plant

Posted by Peter, on February 16, 2014

Victorian Wave Partners, a subsidiary of Ocean Power Technologies has partnered with Lockheed Martin to build the world's largest wave power plant off Portland, Victoria. Ocean Power Technologies, has been seeking to develop a wave power station off the coast of Victoria near Portland. The power station planned to be built in three stages had […]  Continue reading »

Aussie Company Patents Wave Power for Oil Rigs

Posted by Peter, on November 22, 2013

The Melbourne-based wave power company, AquaGen Technology, has patented a new technolgy called RigDrive which is a retrofittable module which fits onto an existing floating oil rig to tap into the potential energy of passing waves. Despite the seeming irony of providing sustainable power to such a non-sustainable industry, the company points out that there […]  Continue reading »

Aussie Company Using Steam Engine Technology for Power Storage

Posted by Peter, on November 15, 2013

A group of Australian engineers has formed a company, Terrajule, to develop a novel energy storage solution. The Terrajoule system combines concentrated solar thermal energy, steam engines and an integrated storage system using an insulated pressure vessel. The concentrated solar thermal energy is used to produce steam. Since it is impractical to store steam for […]  Continue reading »

Aussie Reseach Behind Scottish Tide Energy Scheme

Posted by Peter, on September 17, 2013

The Scottish Government has approved the development of the largest tidal energy project in Europe to be installed in stages in the Pentland Firth, between Orkney and the Scottish mainland. The project is being undertaken by the Scottish-registered company, MeyGen, which is a joint venture between the investment bank Morgan Stanley, the independent power generator […]  Continue reading »

W.A. Approves Tidal Power Station

Posted by Peter, on July 22, 2013

The West Australian State Government has approved plans to build State’s first tidal energy power station, in the West Kimberley. Tidal Energy Australia plans to build a wave power station at Doctor's Creek, near Derby, that will generate 40 megawatts of electricity. The proposed power project is a double basin system with a total of […]  Continue reading »

Award-winning Wave Power Generator

Posted by Peter, on April 3, 2013

The Western Australian company, Bombora Wave Power Pty Ltd, has won a GE Ecomagination award for a wave power generator which it is developing to capture the energy of near-shore waves with an average wave height of just 1.4 metres. Their Bombora device is submerged on the seabed at shallow depths. It captures energy using […]  Continue reading »

Tide Power for NT a Step Closer

Posted by Peter, on September 25, 2012

Adelaide-based Tenax Energy has signed an agreement with the Northern Territory Power and Water Authority to set up a demonstration wave power plant. It hopes to be transmitting electricity in to the Territory grid by 2015 and to reach commercial supply by 2020. The power plant will be developed in the Clarence Strait, off the […]  Continue reading »

Aussie Founded Company to Build First Wave Farm in the U.S.

Posted by Peter, on September 6, 2012

The first commercially licensed grid-connected wave-energy farm in the United States is to be built by Ocean Power Technologies – a company founded in Australia. The first wave power device is planned to be launch in October about four kilometres off the city of Reedsport in Oregon.  The company has a permit for up to […]  Continue reading »

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