Ceramic Fuel Cells is abandoning plans to deploy its locally developed technology in Australia and will focus its efforts on Europe.

The company’s BlueGen units turn natural gas into electricity and heat. Each unit generates 1.5 kilowatts of electricity and sufficient heat for domestic hot water use. They are claimed to have the highest electrical efficiency of any small-scale power generation system in the world.

Chief Executive Officer, Brendan Dow, said that Australia’s energy utilities had virtually shut up shop in embracing new technologies and were more intent on protecting their age old business models.

The company has been trying to get its technology included in various Australian state and federal incentive schemes for renewables. Although the Victorian government’s pricing regulator has now recommended that fuel cells be included in a feed-in tariff, the rate is not expected to be attractive.

Germany, on the other hand, is now switching its tariffs to technologies that can help customers reduce their dependence on the grid and provide balance for renewables.

Ceramic Fuuel Cells has already received large orders in Germany and has a manufacturing operation there.