The Australian company, Ceramic Fuel Cells, has received an order for 200 integrated power and heat generators from the German government. The order is worth €4.9 million ($au74 million) over two years.

The company’s BlueGen units turn natural gas into electricity and heat. Each unit generates 1.5 kilowatts of electricity and sufficient heat for domestic hot water use. They are claimed to have the highest electrical efficiency of any small-scale power generation system in the world.

In May, the company announced the sale of 25 of its BlueGen units to Ausgrid. These units are to be installed in homes in Newcastle as part of Ausgrid’s "Smart Grid, Smart City" project.

Earlier that month, the company announced that it is to be one of four participants in CE Electric UK’s £54 million ($au81 million) low-carbon Smart Grid project. The Smart Grid project involves 14,000 homes and businesses and will assess the impact of technologies such as micro combined heat and power units on the UK electricity grid.