The CSIRO has launched the National Energy Analytics and Research (NEAR) program which aims to provide comprehensive information to underpin key decision making, helping to deliver a secure, affordable and sustainable energy future for Australia.

You can already visit the NEAR website. to see the resources which have been made available in the plot stage of the program. These are expected to grow dramatically over the next few years.

The data includes energy consumption patterns, demographics, building characteristics, appliance uptake, weather statistics and more. Currently, this type of data is held by numerous parties, formatted to different standards and access is often restricted.

The focus is on providing a single access point to the best resources for understanding what drives and shapes Australian energy consumption behaviour, from individual households and businesses to our national energy use trends.

The CSIRO is curating public data assets, working with data holders to release previously private data and leading new data collection and research efforts to fill gaps for the energy sector. The NEAR program will use cutting-edge data science techniques to expand the value of existing data.