Fremantle-based start-up Ecocentric Energy has entered into an agreement with the CSIRO to refine and commercialise its “Numen” electricity metering technology.

The Numen technology works by analyzing a building’s total electrical energy signal. It then uses advanced artificial intelligence to identify each individual appliance present and measure its power consumption without the appliance needing to be metered individually.

The aim is to improve energy efficiency in homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities by piecing together the whole picture of a building’s energy usage profile.

Unlike smart meters, which record “low resolution” total energy use data, Numen breaks that data down further to show where and when energy is being used within a given building. Algorithms recognise the unique energy fingerprint generated by different electrical devices to show exactly how much energy they are consuming.

Numen uses cloud-based technology to monitor energy use in real time. Analysis of this real time data can help identify faults earlier, predict energy use patterns and diagnose energy inefficiencies.

Numen is ready to be used commercially, the company and the CSIRO will now be working on algorithms for homes and other buildings.