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Recent Listings
  • Comet Solar Farm

    Hadstone Energy are planning to develop a 309MW solar farm near Blackwater in Queensland.

    (18/12/2017 02:57PM)

  • Wellington Solar Farm

    First Solar is planning to develop a 160MW solar farm near Wellington in central-west New South Wales.

    (18/12/2017 02:13PM)

  • Clermont Solar Fram

    Wirsol is planning to establish a 150MW solar farm near Clermont in central Queensland.

    (18/12/2017 01:15PM)

  • Tamworth Solar Farm

    Oriens Energy is planning to develop an 80MW solar farm near Tamworth in New South Wales.

    (18/12/2017 01:04PM)

  • Majors Creek Solar Proect

    Edify Energy is seeking approval for a 200MW solar farm at Majors Creek south of Townsville, Queensland.

    (08/12/2017 03:22PM)

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Albany Wave Project

Carnegie Wave Energy is developing an offshore demonstration of its wave power generation technology off Albany, Western Australia.

Carnegie is planning to install the first of its full-scale 1 MW CETO 6 technology off Albany in the summer of 2019/20. If successful, a 20 MW wave energy plant and ultimately a 100 MW facility will follow.

The Western Australian Government has granted $15.7 million towards the project and a further $3.75 million to University of Western Australia to establish an associated national Wave Energy Research Centre at Albany. This facility will be available to other wave energy developers.

Company: Carnegie Wave Energy

Capacity (MW): 1

Status: Planned

Start Year: 2020

Technology: Water Turbine

Fuel: Wave

Source of Information: Carnegie Wave Energy website (November 2017)


  • Sand Patch Road
    Albany, Western Australia 6330