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  • Dulacca Renewable Energy Project

    RES Australia is planning to develop a 240MW wind farm between Dulacca and Drillham in the Western Downs region of Queensland.

    (13/03/2019 04:18PM)

  • Maxwell Solar Project

    Malabar Coal is proposing to develop a 25MW solar farm near Muswellbrook in the New South Wales Hunter Valley.

    (12/03/2019 04:24PM)

  • Walla Walla Solar Farm

    Bison Energy is proposing to develop a 300MW solar farm near Walla Walla in the New South Wales Riverina.

    (12/03/2019 03:57PM)

  • Bungama Solar

    Energy Projects Solar is proposing to develop a 280MW solar farm with battery storage near Port Pirie, South Australia.

    (12/03/2019 03:35PM)

  • Kondinin Wind & Solar Project - Wind

    Lacour Energy is planning to develop a 120MW wind farm as part of its Wind & Solar Project near Kondinin in the West Australian wheatbelt.

    (29/01/2019 03:19PM)

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Arapuni Hydro Power Station

Arapuni Power Station is a hydroelectric power station on the Waikato River. It is also the currently generating, the first government-built, and the largest single hydroelectric power station on the Waikato River.

The station, complete with three turbines and provisions for a fourth, was commissioned in mid-1929. The station, with the addition of a fourth turbine, was recommissioned in May 1932.

n 1934, increasing demand for electricity resulted in Arapuni being extended. The powerhouse was doubled in size, and provisions for four more turbines were made. Turbines 5 and 6 were commissioned four years later in 1938. The last two turbines were commissioned in 1946.

In 2001, work was completed on four of Arapuni's turbines to increase capacity from 24.7 MW to 26.7 MW each and to improve their peak efficienct.

Company: Mighty River Power

Capacity (MW): 187

Status: Operating

Start Year: 1929; upgraded in 1932, 1938, 1946 and 2001

Technology: Hydro

Fuel: Hydro

Type of Turbine: Francis

No. of Turbines: 8

Estimated Output: 805 GWhr p.a.

Source of Information: Mighty River Power and Wikipedia web sites (October 2011)


  • Powerhouse Road
    Pukeatua, 3494
    New Zealand

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