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  • Brigalow Solar Farm

    Impact Investment Group is planning to build a 34.5MW solar farm near Pittsworth in southeast Queensland.

    (15/01/2019 12:49PM)

  • Bluewater Solar Farm

    Fotowatio Renewable Ventures is planning to build a 102MW solar farm near Townsville in northern Queensland.

    (15/01/2019 12:22PM)

  • Port Latta Wind Farm

    Nekon Pty Ltd is planning to develop a 25MW wind farm at Port Latta Wind near Wynyard in north-west Tasmania.

    (14/01/2019 04:31PM)

  • Cohuna Solar Farm

    The Leeson Group is planning to build a 34MW solar farm near Cohuna in northern Victoria.

    (29/11/2018 11:19AM)

  • Katherine Solar

    Epuron is planning to build a 25MW solar farm near Katherine in the Northern Territory.

    (29/11/2018 11:08AM)

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Baynton Wind Farm

Transfield Services Infrastructure Fund was planning to develop a wind farm with between 60 and 80 turbines and a capacity of approximately 150 MW at Tooborac near Baynton, 70 kilometres north of Melbourne. In July 2011, most of the assets of the Transfield Services Infrastructure Fund were sold to the Ratchaburi Generating Holding Company (trading as Ratch Australia), which is re-assessing the proposal.

Company: Ratchaburi Generating Holding Company

Capacity (MW): 150

Status: Planned

Technology: Wind turbine

Fuel: Wind

No. of Turbines: 60

Source of Information: Transfield Services and Ratch Australia web sites (October 2011)


  • Lancefield-Tooborac Road
    Baynton, Victoria 3444