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  • Warwick Solar Farm

    The University of Queensland is planning to build a 64MW solar farm near Warwick in Queensland's Southern Downs.

    (13/06/2018 10:20AM)

  • Silverleaf Solar Farm

    Engie is proposing to develop a 120MW solar farm near Narrabri in north-western New South Wales.

    (06/06/2018 03:45PM)

  • Rifle Butts (Wonwondah) Wind Farm

    NewEn is panning to build a 40MW wind farm near Horsham in Victoria.

    (06/06/2018 03:10PM)

  • Raglan Solar Farm

    Eco Energy World is planning to develop a 350MW solar farm near Raglan, north-west of Gladstone in Queensland.

    (29/05/2018 02:16PM)

  • Koberinga Solar Farm

    ESCO Pacific is proposing to develop a 55MW solar farm north-west of Bowen in Queensland.

    (28/05/2018 02:57PM)

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Golden Plains Wind Farm

WestWind Energy is proposing to construct a wind farm with a capacity of 800 MW near Rokewood, about 60 kilometres north-west of Geelong.

The proposed development will consist of up to 235, 3-5 MW wind turbines and will generate over 2,500 GWh per annum.

A planning application was submitted in August 2017. Construction is planned to begin in 2019 and to be complete in 2021.

When complete, the $1.7 billion wind farm will be the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Company: WestWind Energy

Capacity (MW): 800

Status: Planned

Start Year: 2021

Technology: Wind turbine

Fuel: Wind

No. of Turbines: 235

Estimated Output: 2,500

Source of Information: WestWind web site (September 2017)


  • Geggies Road
    Rokewood, Victoria 3330