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  • Brigalow Solar Farm

    Impact Investment Group is planning to build a 34.5MW solar farm near Pittsworth in southeast Queensland.

    (15/01/2019 12:49PM)

  • Bluewater Solar Farm

    Fotowatio Renewable Ventures is planning to build a 102MW solar farm near Townsville in northern Queensland.

    (15/01/2019 12:22PM)

  • Port Latta Wind Farm

    Nekon Pty Ltd is planning to develop a 25MW wind farm at Port Latta Wind near Wynyard in north-west Tasmania.

    (14/01/2019 04:31PM)

  • Cohuna Solar Farm

    The Leeson Group is planning to build a 34MW solar farm near Cohuna in northern Victoria.

    (29/11/2018 11:19AM)

  • Katherine Solar

    Epuron is planning to build a 25MW solar farm near Katherine in the Northern Territory.

    (29/11/2018 11:08AM)

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Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project

The Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project (also known as the Solar Dawn Project) will involve the installation of a 44 MW solar thermal addition to the Kogan Creek coal-fired Power Station. near Chinchilla in South West Queensland. Kogan Creek Power Station will become the largest solar integration with a coal-fired power station in the world.

The project is a joint venture of CS Energy, the Australian Government, the Queensland Government and AREVA Solar.

The project will use AREVA Solar’s Australian-pioneered compact linear fresnel reflector (CLFR) technology to supply additional steam to the power station’s turbine, supplementing the conventional coal-fired steam generation process. The technology uses heat from the sun to convert water to steam with zero emissions. It is the most land-efficient solar technology, generating 1.5 to 2.6 times more peak power per acre of land than competing solar technologies and is the only CLFR provider to supply superheated steam which has specific application to the power generation market.

In February 2014, the developers advised that a series of problems, including an equipment supplier going into receivership, have delayed the project and it was likely to be in 2015.

In March 2016, CS Energy announced that the project would not be completed.

Company: CS Energy

Capacity (MW): 44

Status: Cancelled

Start Year: 2015

Technology: Solar Thermal

Fuel: Solar

Source of Information: CS Energy web site (September 2011) and Solar Dawn Project web Site (October 2011)


  • Dalby-Kogan Road
    Kogan, Queensland 4406