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  • Alice Springs Airport Solar Farm

    Alice Springs Airport is planning to install a 10MW solar farm.

    (17/09/2018 10:28AM)

  • Darwin Airport Solar Farm

    Darwin International Airport is planning to extent its 5.5MW solar farm to 40MW.

    (17/09/2018 10:12AM)

  • Badgingarra Solar Farm

    APA Group is planning to develop 17.5MW solar farm adjacent to the Badgingarra wind farm north of Perth.

    (03/09/2018 01:19PM)

  • West Wyalong Solar Farm

    Lightsource Development Services Australia is planning to develop a 135MW solar farm near West Wyalong in western New South Wales.

    (29/08/2018 04:45PM)

  • Wyalong Solar Farm

    Esco Pacific is planning to develop a 130MW solar farm near Wyalong in western New South Wales.

    (27/08/2018 03:46PM)

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La Lal Wind Farms

Macquarie Capital and InfraRed Capital Partners are planning to construct a 216MW wind farm on two sections of farmland - the Yendon Section, 2 kilometres east of Yendon and 17 kilometres southeast of Ballarat and the Elaine Section 2 kilometres north of Elaine and 17 kilometres south southeast of Ballarat in Victoria.

WestWind Energy identified the Lal Lal Wind Farm in 2006 as a potential wind farm site using WestWind Energy’s site selection criteria. In April 2009 the Victorian Planning Minister granted WestWind Energy a permit to construct and operate a 192MW Lal Lal Wind Farm.

In 2015, the planned capacity was increased to 216MW. In 2017, it was further increased to 228MW. Construction was planned to start by mid-2018 and to be completed in 2019.

Macquarie Capital purchased Lal Lal Wind Farm from WestWind Energy in 2017 and, in 2018, sold a 40% share to InfraRed Capital Partners.

Company: Macquarie Capital and InfraRed Capital Partners

Capacity (MW): 228

Status: Planned

Technology: Wind turbine

Fuel: Wind

Source of Information: Lal Lal Wind Farms web site (June 2018)


  • Midland Highway
    Elaine, Victoria 3334