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  • Brigalow Solar Farm

    Impact Investment Group is planning to build a 34.5MW solar farm near Pittsworth in southeast Queensland.

    (15/01/2019 12:49PM)

  • Bluewater Solar Farm

    Fotowatio Renewable Ventures is planning to build a 102MW solar farm near Townsville in northern Queensland.

    (15/01/2019 12:22PM)

  • Port Latta Wind Farm

    Nekon Pty Ltd is planning to develop a 25MW wind farm at Port Latta Wind near Wynyard in north-west Tasmania.

    (14/01/2019 04:31PM)

  • Cohuna Solar Farm

    The Leeson Group is planning to build a 34MW solar farm near Cohuna in northern Victoria.

    (29/11/2018 11:19AM)

  • Katherine Solar

    Epuron is planning to build a 25MW solar farm near Katherine in the Northern Territory.

    (29/11/2018 11:08AM)

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Nga Awa Purua Geothermal Power Station

The Nga Awa Purua geothermal power station, located north-east of Taupo, has a capacity of 140 MW.

The power station is a joint venture between Mighty River Power (75%) and the Tauhara North No 2 Trust (25%), which represents about 800 owners affiliated to Ngati Tahu.

Nga Awa Purua, which houses the largest single shaft geothermal turbine in the world, commenced operation in January 2010.

Company: Tauhara North No 2 Trust and Mighty River Power

Capacity (MW): 140

Status: Operating

Start Year: 2010

Technology: Steam turbine

Fuel: Geothermal

Type of Turbine: Fuji

No. of Turbines: 1

Estimated Output: 1100 GWhr p.a.

Source of Information: Mighty River Power, Fuji Electric and Wikipedia web sites (October 2011)


  • Rapids Road
    Taupo, 3378
    New Zealand