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Renewable energy news, events & providers
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From 30 June 2019, this web site is no longer being updated.
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Recent Listings
  • Vacy Solar Farm

    Rio Indygen is proposing to build a 25MW solar farm near Vacy in the New South Wales Hunter region.

    (24/06/2019 04:53PM)

  • Chichester (Pilbara) Solar Farm

    Alinta Energy is planning to construct a 60MW solar farm near the Christmas Creek iron ore mine in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

    (24/06/2019 04:39PM)

  • Quorn Park Solar Farm

    Renewable Energy Developments Pty Ltd is proposing to build a 160MW solar farm near Parkes in the central west of New South Wales.

    (24/06/2019 03:55PM)

  • MacAnzac Project

    AgriWaste Pty Ltd is proposing to develop a 100MW agricultural waste energy generating plant near Coleambally in the New South Wales Riverina.

    (24/06/2019 03:40PM)

  • Woodvale Solar Farm

    GBM Gold plans to construct a 60MW solar farm on disused evaporation ponds at Woodvale near Bendigo.

    (27/05/2019 03:32PM)

Ad Hoc Information

Ad hoc information:

  • If you need particular information to be extracted from the Aussie Renewables database, or if you need the information in a particular format, we may be able to assist.
    For example, you might need a report showing only wind and hydroelectric power plants in Victoria with a capacity of more than 250MW; or a list of all power plants under construction showing only the name of the power plant and the company.
  • Aussie Renewables may have, or be able to obtain, information which is not published in our on-line database. If you need information of the general type that is in the database but you cannot locate the particular information that you need, we may be able to assist.

Ad hoc information Requests:

To request ad hoc information such as this, please email aussierenewables@biz2030.com.au

We will let you know by return email whether we can assist and the cost which may be involved.