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Recent Listings
  • Cohuna Solar Farm

    The Leeson Group is planning to build a 34MW solar farm near Cohuna in northern Victoria.

    (29/11/2018 11:19AM)

  • Katherine Solar

    Epuron is planning to build a 25MW solar farm near Katherine in the Northern Territory.

    (29/11/2018 11:08AM)

  • Solar River Project

    The Solar River Project Pty Ltd is planning to develop a 400MW solar farm with a 270MWh battery in two stages near Robertstown in South Australia.

    (29/11/2018 09:55AM)

  • Byford Solar Farm

    Westgen is planning to develop a 30MW solar farm at Oakford south of Perth.

    (28/11/2018 04:17PM)

  • Columboola Solar Farm

    Luminous Energy is planning to develop a 310MW solar farm in south-east Queensland.

    (27/11/2018 01:26PM)

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Ad Hoc Information

Ad hoc information:

  • If you need particular information to be extracted from the Aussie Renewables database, or if you need the information in a particular format, we may be able to assist.
    For example, you might need a report showing only wind and hydroelectric power plants in Victoria with a capacity of more than 250MW; or a list of all power plants under construction showing only the name of the power plant and the company.
  • Aussie Renewables may have, or be able to obtain, information which is not published in our on-line database. If you need information of the general type that is in the database but you cannot locate the particular information that you need, we may be able to assist.

Ad hoc information Requests:

To request ad hoc information such as this, please use this contact form.

We will let you know by return email whether we can assist and any cost which may be involved. (A small fee may apply if you wish us to proceed with supplying the information.)