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Recent Listings
  • Cohuna Solar Farm

    The Leeson Group is planning to build a 34MW solar farm near Cohuna in northern Victoria.

    (29/11/2018 11:19AM)

  • Katherine Solar

    Epuron is planning to build a 25MW solar farm near Katherine in the Northern Territory.

    (29/11/2018 11:08AM)

  • Solar River Project

    The Solar River Project Pty Ltd is planning to develop a 400MW solar farm with a 270MWh battery in two stages near Robertstown in South Australia.

    (29/11/2018 09:55AM)

  • Byford Solar Farm

    Westgen is planning to develop a 30MW solar farm at Oakford south of Perth.

    (28/11/2018 04:17PM)

  • Columboola Solar Farm

    Luminous Energy is planning to develop a 310MW solar farm in south-east Queensland.

    (27/11/2018 01:26PM)

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