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  • Dulacca Renewable Energy Project

    RES Australia is planning to develop a 240MW wind farm between Dulacca and Drillham in the Western Downs region of Queensland.

    (13/03/2019 04:18PM)

  • Maxwell Solar Project

    Malabar Coal is proposing to develop a 25MW solar farm near Muswellbrook in the New South Wales Hunter Valley.

    (12/03/2019 04:24PM)

  • Walla Walla Solar Farm

    Bison Energy is proposing to develop a 300MW solar farm near Walla Walla in the New South Wales Riverina.

    (12/03/2019 03:57PM)

  • Bungama Solar

    Energy Projects Solar is proposing to develop a 280MW solar farm with battery storage near Port Pirie, South Australia.

    (12/03/2019 03:35PM)

  • Kondinin Wind & Solar Project - Wind

    Lacour Energy is planning to develop a 120MW wind farm as part of its Wind & Solar Project near Kondinin in the West Australian wheatbelt.

    (29/01/2019 03:19PM)

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Portland Oceanlinx Wave Project

Oceanlinx is waiting for funding grants from the Federal or State governments before it starts on a small number of demonstration wave power units, with a capacity of one to three megawatts, off the Portland coastline. After successful operation of these units for 18 to 24 months, the company plans to expand the project to a generating capacity of between 30 and 100 megawatts.

In March 2014, a $7 million Oceanlinx wave energy unit, which was being towed by a tug boat, suffered serious damage to the airbags supporting the 3,000-tonne structure.

Oceanlinx went into receivership and was liquidated.

Company: Oceanlinx

Capacity (MW): 30

Status: Cancelled

Technology: Water Turbine

Fuel: Wave

Type of Turbine: airWave

Source of Information: Oceanlinx web site (September 2011)


  • Portland, Victoria 3305