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  • Dulacca Renewable Energy Project

    RES Australia is planning to develop a 240MW wind farm between Dulacca and Drillham in the Western Downs region of Queensland.

    (13/03/2019 03:18PM)

  • Maxwell Solar Project

    Malabar Coal is proposing to develop a 25MW solar farm near Muswellbrook in the New South Wales Hunter Valley.

    (12/03/2019 03:24PM)

  • Walla Walla Solar Farm

    Bison Energy is proposing to develop a 300MW solar farm near Walla Walla in the New South Wales Riverina.

    (12/03/2019 02:57PM)

  • Bungama Solar

    Energy Projects Solar is proposing to develop a 280MW solar farm with battery storage near Port Pirie, South Australia.

    (12/03/2019 02:35PM)

  • Kondinin Wind & Solar Project - Wind

    Lacour Energy is planning to develop a 120MW wind farm as part of its Wind & Solar Project near Kondinin in the West Australian wheatbelt.

    (29/01/2019 02:19PM)

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Reece Hydro Power Station

Reece Power Station is a hydroelectric power station located at the foot of the Reece Dam on Lake Pieman on the West Coast of Tasmania.

Reece Power Station has two turbines, with a combined generating capacity of 231.2 MW of electricity. Water is supplied to the turbine via a half-embedded spiral casing. The generators are the umbrella type with combined thrust and guide bearings mounted below the rotor hubs. A single short shaft is provided to connect to the turbine runner. Draft tube gates are provided for each machine, outside the station. A manually operated riparian valve is provided to control salinity in the river downstream of the dam. The output from each generating set is fed to Transend Networks’ transmission grid.

The Reece power station was constructed as a part of the Pieman River Power Development, between 1974 and 1987.

Company: Hydro Tasmania

Capacity (MW): 231.2

Status: Operating

Start Year: 1987

Technology: Hydro

Fuel: Hydro

Type of Turbine: Fuji

No. of Turbines: 2

Source of Information: Hydro Tasmania web site (September 2011)


  • Pieman Road
    Corinna, Tasmania 7321