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  • Gladstone Abatoir Solar Farm

    Asia-Pacific Agri-corp is planning to develop a 78MW solar farm to provide power for a new abattoir to be built in the Gladstone State Development Area in northern Queensland.

    (05/10/2018 01:31PM)

  • Tilbuster Solar Farm

    Enerparc is planning to develop a 300MW solar farm near Armidale in the New England region of New South Wales.

    (05/10/2018 01:14PM)

  • Sebastopol Solar Farm

    ib vogt is planning to develop a 104MW solar farm south of Temora in southern New South Wales.

    (05/10/2018 12:31PM)

  • Mortlake South Wind Farm

    Acciona Energy is planning to develop a 157.5MW wind farm south of Mortlake in southern Victoria.

    (05/10/2018 11:54AM)

  • Alice Springs Airport Solar Farm

    Alice Springs Airport is planning to install a 10MW solar farm.

    (17/09/2018 11:28AM)

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Whyalla SolarOasis Power Plant

The Whyalla SolarOasis Power Plant to be built north of Whyalla, will use 300 Wizard Power Big Dish solar thermal concentrators to deliver a 40 MW of solar thermal power plant. The plant is designed as a peaking power plant operating in the day and early evening to deliver electricity when it is most in demand.

The Big Dish structures will be manufactured and assembled on-site using Wizard Power's Factory-in-the-Field. The project is expected to result in the direct generation of over 200 jobs in Whyalla during the two year manufacturing and construction period. (The Big Dish is a parabolic dish concentrator developed by the Solar Thermal Group, Australian National University. The initial prototype was constructed on the Canberra campus of the Australian National University in 1994.)

The Whyalla SolarOasis will be the first commercial scale application of Wizard's Australian developed, technology. It will demonstrate aspects such as scalability, manufacturing and construction techniques and the capability of the Big Dish concentrator technology to integrate and operate with commercially available balance of plant technology including steam turbines, heat exchangers and condensers.

The project will also deliver the first commercial scale concentrating solar thermal plant to dispatch power to the Australian electricity market.

Because of delays, in June 2013, the Commonwealth Government terminated the funding deed for the project under which it was to contribute $60 million towards the $230 million project. The Government said that it would consider a new funding proposal for the project.

Company: Wizard Power Pty Ltd

Capacity (MW): 40

Status: Cancelled

Start Year: 2013

Technology: Solar Thermal

Fuel: Solar

Source of Information: Wizard Power web site (September 2011)


  • Norrie Avenue Extension
    Whyalla, South Australia 5600