Australia's Dysol Limited has announced that it has achieved a new world efficiency record of 15% for dye solar cells with a level of 14.1% having been externally validated. Since dye sensitised solar cells do not need perfect sunlight conditions to effectively produce energy, this level of efficiency. is considered extremely competitive with conventional solar cells,

Unlike traditional silicon solar panels, dye solar cells can output energy consistently in low-light, dawn, dusk, cloudy, indoor/artificial light, and shaded or indirect-light conditions.  This means that the cumulative energy output over the course of a whole year can be much greater than traditional solar panels.

This breakthrough follows two other recent announcements from Dyesol: The company is advancing the commercialisation of the technology to embed solar cells onto building products, such as steel roofing and glass, and is working on integrating dye solar cell technology with printed storage and power management systems to create fully integrated combined energy generation and storage devices.