Chargepoint Charging Station
Chargepoint Charging Station

A Sydney company, ChargePoint Australia Pty Ltd, has signed an exclusive agreement with Coulomb Technologies for the supply of electric vehicle charging systems. The systems will be trialled in car parks in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in the first half of 2010.

Luke Grana, CEO of ChargePoint Australia, said that he expected installations to rapidly multiply around the nation as major car manufacturers release their own pure electric and hybrid vehicles and that they will also soon to be followed by a faster charger for service stations. Home garage systems are still in development.

Chargers located outside the home will work on a pay per use system in which drivers dial a number listed on the charger or otherwise through a smart card which can be topped up online.

Mr Grana said that the average Australian car cost about $10 to drive 100 kilometres while an electric vehicle cost about $2 per 100 kilometres.

Coulomb Techologies was established in 2007 by a group of computer industry entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley. It is developing ChargePoint systems for the US, Norway, the Netherland and Germany.