Australia’s Anti-Dumping Commission is to begin an investigation into  whether the Chinese manufacturers of photovoltaic panels have been selling product at less than the cost of manufacture or at unprofitable export prices.

In late 2012, U.S. authorities imposed duties averaging about 31% on Chinese-made solar panels exported to the U.S. in order to protect American manufacturers. The Chinese companies quickly moved their solar cell production to Taiwan, avoiding the tariff, and retalliated by imposing a tariff on polysilicon imports from the U.S.  The U.S. is considering expanding tariffs to Taiwan.

After two years of negotiations, Chinese and European governments have agreed to a deal under which there will be a floor price and a volume limit on solar panels imported into Europe.

India has just concluded an investigation that found that the U.S., China, Taiwan and Malaysia have all dumped solar panels there.

The Australian move comes as a result of a complaint by Australia’s only solar panel manufacturer, Tindo Solar. The Adelaide company employs just 25 people but claims that there is the potential to employ thousands if there was a “level playing field”.