Abengoa is conducting a feasibility study into a 20 megawatt solar thermal power station at Perenjori, 350 kilometres north of Perth in Western Australia,

The company has secured $450,000 from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency for the feasibility study which is expected to cost about $900,000 in total.

The proposed power plant would be connected to the South West Interconnected System electricity grid and would include  a thermal energy storage system, which would allow the solar thermal plant to generate electricity when needed.

The company believes that the project location is an ideal site for the proposed plant and will provide a valuable case study because:

  • the site has a world class solar irradiation resource
  • fringe-of-grid connection will provide significant network benefits
  • proposed off-take arrangements include a combination of an electricity retailer and potentially a large iron ore mining operation with suitable load requirements
    WA Government is supportive of such activity
  • strong demand for peak and especially shoulder generation
  • excellent prospects for further roll-out of solar thermal power generation with storage in end of grid and off-grid applications, with an emphasis on powering the mining sector.