While the Australian Government is expecting to take another six months to get its Fuelwatch scheme started, American satellite radio operator Sirius has introduced an in-car fuel price information system.

Sirius is using its ability to send digital informatiom, along with its digital radio signal, to provide drivers with local petrol price, weather, sports scores and entertainment information. The system obtains accurate, up-to-the-minute petrol prices by linking into online credit card payment systems to obtain data on what motorists are actually paying. The car’s satellite navigation system will "know" which service station are nearby and, therefore, which prices to display.

The Australian Fuelwatch system will require all service station operators to telephone the Government and tell them what they intend to charge on the following day. The information will be made available on a web site or motorists will be able to phone Fuelwatch to find out what the local service station operators said they would be charging.

The following video is from Getup Australia.