REN21, the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century, has produced its annual Renewables Global Status report.

Highlghts of the report on 2009 include:

  • Investment in new renewable was $US150 billion – up from $US130 billion in 2008
  • Globally, nearly 80 GW of renewable capacity was added, including 31 GW of hydro and 48 GW of non-hydro capacity
  • Almost half of the new capacity (37 GW) was added in Chin
  • More renewable power capacity was added than coal, gas and nuclear power capacity in.both the United States and Europe
  • 38 GW of wind power capacity was added with more than a third (13.8 GW) of that being in China. The United States was second, with 10 GW added
  • 7 GW of solar PV was added itions with Germany adding more than half (3.8 GW) the global total
  • Many countries saw record biomass use. In Sweden, biomass accounted for a larger share of energy supply than oil for the first time
  • Major crystalline PV module price declines took place, by 50–60 percent by some estimates, from highs of $3.50 per watt in 2008 to lows approaching $2 per watt
  • There was record small-scale solar Pv but the dollar investment totals in utility-scale solar PV declined relative to 2008, partly because of the large drop in the costs of solar PV modules.
Wind Power - World Installed Capacity
Wind Power – World Installed Capacity


Solar PV - World Installed Capacity
Solar PV – World Installed Capacity