West Australian Carnegie Wave Energy has announced that it has been granted £9,551,962 ($au15.5 million) from the European Regional Development Fund to support the first phase of its planned 15 megawatt commercial wave energy project at Wave Hub, Cornwall in the U.K.

Cornwall’s Wave Hub is the world’s largest and most technologically advanced site for the testing and development of offshore renewable energy technology.

Stage 1 of the project will commence immediately, with commissioning of a 1 megawatt system set for 2018. Stage 2, which is planned for 2020/21, will deliver a 15 megawatt array which is expected to provide a commercial return on investment.

The announcement follows the provision of $2.5 million in Australian Renewable Energy funds awarded in September and a further $3.69 million in debt funding, also from ARENA, awarded to the company in October, for the company’s Perth Wave Energy project. This project, which is located at the Garden Island naval base off the coast of Fremantle, will combine Carnegie’s CETO 6 wave energy technology and existing desalination plant with 2 megawatts of solar PV and a 0.5 megawatt-hour battery storage system.

The Perth project is planned to be commissioned in the first half of 2017 and will function in both on-grid and off grid in “islanded mode”. Carnegie intends to use this installation as a template for its proposed microgrid business for islands and fringe of grid communities around the world.