Dubbo already has the most installed solar PV systems of any postcode in New South Wales.

It as recently been proposed that Dubbo could leverage its high concentration of PV installations to become the "electric vehicle capital of Australia". In part, the proposal was based on a Tesla Roadster driving from Sydney to Dubbo on a single charge; suggesting that Dubbo – long promoted as "the hub of the West" – could be the ideal location for an electric vehicle tourist hub.

Meanwhile, Red Sky Energy’s solar subsidiary Soleir has completed a positive feasibility study for the development of a proposed 2.5 megawatt PV farm in Dubbo. According to Soleir, the feasibility study’s results demonstrate the viability of the $4.4 million project,

And the local Wellington Council and Infigen Energy’s Bodangora Wind Farm Pty Ltd have signed a voluntary planning agreement for the Bodangora Wind Farm, a project involving construction of more than 30 wind turbines in the Bodangora area southeast of Dubbo.