Solar Systems Pty Ltd (a subsidiary of Silex Systems) has completed Australia’s largest concentrating photovoltaic project with 40 of its dishes now feeding power into the national grid.

The 1.5 megawatt plant is intended to demonstrate the reliability of the technology and to allow its commercialization in order to expand the site to 100 megawatts.

The largest CPV plant currently in operation is a 30 megawatt facility operated by Cogentrix Energy in Colorado. The 100 megawatt Mildura Stage 2 plant, which subject to $110 million in government funding contributions,  is the third largest announced globally so far.

Silex aims to start building Stage 2 in 2015, and hopes to secure other major 10 to 50 megawatt project opportunities in Australia. A pre-feasibility study of prospective sites in Queensland already underway. The company is also working on major projects overseas including a 1 megawatt demonstration facility currently under construction in Saudi Arabia.