A new geothermal heat flow map published by the Victorian government shows that the State has over ten times more geothermal potential than previously estimated.

The new heatflow map highlights the state’s north and west regions as the most promising areas for geothermal energy production, showimg that large parts of Victoria have heat flow values as high as those found in South Australia, which has attracted much geothermal exploration activity.

The geothermal atlas showed there was high heat flow in an area bordered by Stawell, Horsham, Ouyen and Mildura, as well as an area from north-west of Melbourne to Castlemaine and Ballarat.

Until now most geothermal energy data in Victoria had been compiled from temperature data collected during previous petroleum drilling. However, the picture was incomplete, with large areas of the state where no data had been collected. Most of the new data was collected by taking advantage of the existing network of groundwater bores and new measurements from bores drilled in the past year.

The geothermal atlas heat flow map will be made available for free download on www.dpi.vic.gov.au/minpet/geovic