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Aussie Scientists Recycle Iron from Used Toner Cartridges

Posted by Peter, on November 16, 2017

Researchers at the University of New South Wales have developed a process for retrieving iron from discarded used toner cartridges.  Continue reading »

Brisbane Airport to Test Biojet Fuel Supply

Posted by Peter, on October 5, 2017

Virgin Australia and US-based biofuel producer Gevo have entered into an agreement to test the supply chain infrastructure in Australia to ensure that Virgin Australia and Brisbane Airport are ready for the commercial supply of biofuel for jet aircraft.  Continue reading »

Pumped Hydro Could Store a Thousand Times Enough Energy for Australia

Posted by Peter, on September 25, 2017

A study by the Australian National university has shown that Australia has sufficient potential pumped storage sites to store more than a thousand times as much energy as could ever be needed.  Continue reading »

Aussie Coal-Fired Power Pollution More Toxic than China

Posted by Peter, on August 17, 2017

Environmental Justice Australia has released a report which says that Australian coal-fired power stations produce levels of toxic air pollution that would be illegal in the US, Europe and China.  Continue reading »

From Typical Outback to Futuristic Power Plant

Posted by Peter, on August 16, 2017

In 1959 and1960, Carriewerloo Station, a pastoral lease north-west of Port Augusta, was the location for scenes of the outback in the film The Sundowners. Now, Carriewerloo Station is o be the largest single-tower solar thermal power plant in the world.  Continue reading »

SA to Trial Supplementing Gas with Hydrogen from Surplus Wind

Posted by Peter, on August 8, 2017

A pilot plant is to be set up in Adelaide to trial the injection of small quantities of hydrogen, produced with surplus renewable electricity, into the gas distribution network.  Continue reading »

Aussie Start-up Can Deliver a 1MW Solar Array in 5 Days

Posted by Peter, on July 20, 2017

A Sydney-based start-up, 5B, has unveiled a pre-fabricated solar technology, called “Maverick”, with which, for example, a team of six can deploy 1 MW solar array in just five days.  Continue reading »

Australia’s Tidal Energy Resources to Be Mapped

Posted by Peter, on July 19, 2017

The Australian renewable Energy Agency is providing $2.49 million in funding towards a project to map and assess Australia’s tidal energy resources.  Continue reading »

Clean Fuel from Tequila Plants in Queensland

Posted by Peter, on July 18, 2017

Queensland’s MSF Sugar has plans to plant 4,000 hectares agave plants on the Atherton Tablelands to produce part of the feedstock for a $60 million biomass refinery to operate alongside a green energy power station and a distillery at its Walkamin sugar mill.  Continue reading »

RMIT Develops Paint Which Releases Hydrogen from Moisture

Posted by Peter, on June 16, 2017

A team of researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology has developed a material that absorbs water vapor from the air, and then uses the energy of sunlight to split those water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen.  Continue reading »

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