Foyson Resources Ltd is establishing of a $4 million facility at Berkeley Vale on the New South Wales Central Coast which will eventually convert 200 tonnes of waste plastics a day into diesel and petrol.

The company says that the 200 tonnes of plastic will produce less than a tonne of waste material, which is essentially silica or sand, and also natural gas, which can either be sold to local energy consumers or flared off.

Foyson Managing Director Mike Palmer said that “It’s normal diesel fuel or petrol which you’d buy from a service station.”

He said that “The technology was conceived and developed on the Central Coast and has big potential. There has been variations on this technology for quite some time but we’re the first party to commercialise it into a continuous process rather than a batch process.  This is a project that is going to be repeated many times down the east coast of Australia.”

The Berkeley Vale facility will comprise four modules and is expected to employ 25 people when it is fully operational in 12 months. Foyson Resources has confirmed a second plant is already in the pipeline for the Central Coast.