Anna Blgh

Queensland;s Premier, Anna Bligh, has released the government’s new climate change strategy, “ClimateQ: Towards a Greener Queensland”.

The major initiative is that no new coal-fired power stations will be built in Queensland unless they use world’s best emissions technology and are able to capture and store carbon and must do so within five years of the technology becoming available. One new coal-fired power station is currently proposed for the state, to be built at Wandoan, near Miles. It is already part of a flagship carbon capture and storage scheme.

The climate change strategy also includes an anti-congestion plan, using a high-tech traffic management system, and programs to change travel habits and offset vehicle emissions. The carbon offset scheme will allow the public to purchase offsets for vehicle emissions with the funds being used to purchase biodiversity corridors across the state.

A CSIRO report on Queensland’s potential to mitigate greenhouse gas through biosequestration was also released.

The report found the Queensland government, as the third largest landholder in the world, has significant potential to create carbon “sinks”, storing large amounts of carbon in forests and the soil.

Professor Tim Flannery, who is on the government’s climate change council, said it was timely, as US legislation had just created a $20 billion a year carbon sequestration industry there.