Campbell Newman
Campbell Newman

As expected, Queensland Premier, Campbell Newman’s, first State Budget has cut almost all of the State’s clean energy and climate change programmes.

According to RenewEconomy, the list of progrmmes to be cut includes:

  • the Queensland Climate Change Fund,
  • the Queensland Renewable Energy Fund,
  • the Queensland Smart Energy Savings Fund,
  • the Solar Initiatives Package,
  • the Waste Avoidance and Resources Efficiency Fund,
  • the Local Government Sustainable Future Fund,
  • the Climate Smart Home Service,
  • the Solar Hot Water Rebate Scheme,
  • the Solar Atlas,
  • the Cloncurry Solar Thermal Trial Site Remediation and Solar PV Farm,
  • the Bright Thing Campaign,
  • the Renewable Energy Industry Development Plan,
  • the Climate Smart Business Service.
  • the Sustainable Energy Innovation Fund and
  • the EcoBiz program.

In a move that was not expected, the Budget has also increased royalties on coking coal miners by $4 a tonne. This is probably good for the environment but not for miners who would have been better off with the proposed Federal resource rent tax which they fought so hard to prevent. Nor is it good for employment in an industry which has lost some 3,000 jobs in the past several weeks.

Echoing the famous Yes. Minister phrase, federal shadow treaurer Joe Hockey described the Budget as “incredibly courageous”.